ENS Domains marketplace

ENSdom.com is a marketplace specifically for ENS Domain names. ENS domains allows for a readable username that is portable across dApps and blockchains.

ENS, short for Ethereum Name Service, aims to make the crypto and decentralized finance space a bit simpler by allowing a user to create a universal nickname for all your public addresses and decentralized websites. Instead of having an unreadable string of keys for each crypto address, you’ll have a single ENS domain, like “Rick.eth,” where you can receive any kind of crypto and NFTs.

15 ways you can use your .eth address: ENS domains help in sending crypto, establishing your identity & reputation, host your own website, make money and more

1. Help the sender get the right address

2. Give one address to anyone for receiving NFT

3. Don't lose coins by mixing up addresses of different currencies

4. Show that you are in web3 culture

5. Give a consistent identity across different websites

6. Sign-In with Ethereum

7. Show your online presences with text records

8. Show off your NFT

9. Put it on twitter

10 .eth can be your address for your decentralised website

11. Your address for your Tor Onion website

12. Receive free money via airdrop

13. Buy it as an investment and sell it later

14 .Participate in ENS DAO

15. Give it away: .eth addresses can be further extended into subdomains