How it works

How it works

Welcome to We are a dedicated marketplace for ENS Domains names. Make your best pitch by writing on why your name is unique. We will assess and value your domains and list it. 

Valuation of the domain gives buyer and sellers a guide price that is based on current market transactions and 10 points of value including 

  • Crypto Related  
  • Money Related  
  • Number of Words  
  • Search Volume  
  • Modifiers (plural, ing, ed, tense)  
  • Length  
  • Name Related
  • Spelling  
  • Radio Test - When read out loud,   
  • Brand  Related
  • Assesor Subjective 

Instead of sellers putting up a list price, we hope to start conversations with buyers and sellers by offering a third party assessed price. Of course, buyers can message you and a conversation can take place to come to a deal where the final offer price is different from the assessed price.

Currently transactions will have to take place on other platforms so there is no transaction function or fees right now.

Also ENS is at an early stage. Please keep promoting ENS usage for wallet addresses and also Sign-in identities so we can reach mass adoption.